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7 Step Guide to Purchasing a Home Theater Speaker System

Making the right decision on a home theater system can be daunting without an action plan. This list of 7 pre-purchase hints will help ensure you make the necessary considerations before your next home theater system purchase:
1. Set a Budget
Setting a spending limit is always a good idea before any big purchase. Make sure you take into consideration any additional purchases like an entertainment unit, speaker stands, and other accessories. Since buying Fluance speakers will not set you back a small fortune, you’ll have money left over for that new audio receiver!
2. Select a setting
Try to visualize where your speaker components will be placed and how they will look with your existing furniture. A typical home theater setup will have between five to seven individual speakers, so take that into account when mapping out your living room space.
3. Select the style that’s right for you
Speakers are not regular electronics; they’re furniture pieces that will be noticed. Choose speakers that reflect your personal tastes – Fluance offers stylish and modern home theater speakers that will harmonize with your home decor. We currently carry speakers with a Natural Beech finish for a trendy look, or Black Ash for a more classic look.
4. Choose your level of customization
If you want a complete package, your best bet is to go with our five speaker systems, either the SX-HTB+ or the AV-HTB+. These systems make it easy to get a quality surround sound system in no time. If you are the more adventurous type, building your own custom system can be rewarding. Plus, this option allows you to add individual Fluance speakers to your existing speaker setup.
5. Choose the number of speakers – 5/5.1, 6/6.1, 7/7.1
These numbers just mean how many speakers are included. The more speakers, the more immersive the sound. 7.1 surround sound is now compatible with high definition devices including Blu-ray players, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and many HD satellite and cable set top boxes. Refer to the list below for details:
5 or 5.1:
A 5 speaker system has two front speakers, two back speakers and a front center speaker. A 5.1 system has all of the above plus a subwoofer.
6 or 6.1:
A 6 speaker system has two front speakers, two back speakers, a front center speaker, plus a rear center speaker. A 6.1 system has all of the above plus a subwoofer.
7 or 7.1:
A 7 speaker system has two front speakers, two back speakers, a front center speaker, plus two side speakers. A 7.1 system has all of the above plus a subwoofer.
Remember, a “.1″ at the end just means that a subwoofer is included.
6. Get the necessary connections
Fluance makes it easy to get all the necessary connections for your speakers, because we offer the option to purchase wiring and banana plugs before you checkout. Just make sure you choose the correct lengths of wire for your home theater requirements.
7. Place your order!
You can place your order online or with one of our knowledgeable customer support representatives. You’re done!


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