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Home Theater Knowledge & Resources Glossary of Terms Frequently Asked Questions
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Super Audio Compact Disc: a high resolution, read-only optical disc for audio storage

satellite speaker
A small speaker with limited bass response.

The ability of an audio system to convert electrical energy (watts) into mechanical energy (Decibels of acoustical energy)

silk dome tweeters
Dome tweeters in which the dome is composed of a treated soft silk like material.

Simulated surround
An audio system which attempts to create the perception that there are more sound sources than are actually present

Solid state amp
An amplifier that uses a transistor as its main device for boosting an audio signal

Speaker Enclosure
A cabinet in which speaker drivers and other electronic hardware are mounted

Sound Pressure Level: Volume measured in decibels

Stereo sound
Two-channel sound recording that is reproduced by more than one speaker simultaneously

Stereo speaker
A two-channel sound reproduction system

A speaker designed to reproduce only low frequencies or bass

surround sound
Sound reproduction that uses three or more channels to enhance the listening experience

surround speaker
Speaker that works to help surround the listener with sound effects or music; works with the front speaker, placed to the left and right of the listener

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