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Home Theater Knowledge & Resources Glossary of Terms Frequently Asked Questions
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The enclosure that houses the speaker coponents and drivers

center channel
The speaker mounted in front of the TV or projector and designed for midrange frequencies

The path an audio signal travels to a speaker during playback. The number of channels varies depending on the audio source. Mono signals found in older TV programs have one channel of sound. Stereo signals have two channels, one path for left and one path for right. Surround sound signals include 5+ channels with paths for each front, center and rear speaker.

Each "channel" is a discrete audio amp on its own, capable of taking a small line signal input and amplifying it sufficiently to be heard on an appropriate speaker; the number of channels varies based on the number of audio sources (e.g. 5.0 Channel Surround means 5 sound sources)

Diaphragm used in woofers.

A circuit that divides electrical audio signals into lower and higher frequencies and sends them to the appropriate loudspeaker drive units (i.e., high frequencies to tweeters, low frequencies to woofers).

An electronic filter that splits the audio frequencies and sends them to the appropriate driver

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