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Understanding Bipolar Speakers

Bipolar speakers can be very confusing for those new to home audio, and are often dismissed without researching the benefits of this speaker design. The science of bipolar surround sound speakers is pretty simple: the speaker drivers are on opposite sides of a speaker cabinet, creating omnidirectional sound. Basically its two or more speakers outputting sound in multiple directions.
With bipolar speakers you are enhancing the surround sound experience. The design of bipolar speakers is made to have two or more drivers producing sound in multiple directions, making the surround sound field wider so the sound location cannot be identified.  Bipolar speakers have drivers that are “in phase”, meaning that both speakers are pushing air (sound) out at the same time. Because of their versatility, bipolar speakers can be used as main speakers for compact spaces. For the serious audiophile who wants more sound, bipolar speakers are the perfect addition to any surround sound and home theater system in 5.1 & 7.1 configurations.
The second biggest confusion surrounding bipolar speakers is where to place them. The triangular shape would make you believe they should fit nicely in the corner, but what’s the use of having speakers playing into your walls? Bipolar speakers are actually quite flexible in placement. The options to place can are limitless but here’s what we recommend:
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