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Home Theater Knowledge & Resources Glossary of Terms Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any professional reviews for Fluance products?
We have many professional reviews done by many tier one websites. Please visit the Professional Reviews page of our website Here.
What are "bipolar" surround sound speakers?
With bipolar speakers you are enhancing the surround sound experience. The design of bipolar speakers is made to have two or more drivers producing sound in multiple directions, making the surround sound field wider so the sound location cannot be identified. Bipolar speakers have drivers that are “in phase”, meaning that both speakers are pushing air (sound) out at the same time.
How do i sign up for the Fluance Newsletter?
At the botom of every page on the website. You will see a newsletter sign up field. Simple enter your email address here and follow the instructions.
Do I need banana plugs for my Fluance Speakers?
You don’t need banana plugs to connect speaker wire to a Fluance speaker, but it is an option. Banana plugs are a handy accessory to have for your home theater speaker wires. They work better to plug and unplug a banana plug than screw or clamp bare wire into the binding posts. Check out our accessories section for the banana plugs you may want in addition to your new speaker system.
How do I mount my center channel?
Some of our models include built in wall mounting brackets. The SV10C, ES1C, and XL7C all contain built in wall mounting brackets. The SX Series and AV Series center channels do not include wall mounting brackets.
How are Fluance speakers packaged and shipped without damage?
All Fluance products are packaged and shipped with the upmost care to ensure that your purchase is delivered to your door in optimal condition. Fluance takes the extra step by packaging all of our products far above the industry standard such as double boxing each speaker.
Why is a 12 gauge speaker wire recommended?
At Fluance, we recommend that you use 12-gauge speaker wire when setting up your Home Theater System. We recommend 12-gauge because the larger amount of copper provides less resistance for electricity. With a larger gauge (aka a smaller wire with less copper) can result in power loss, which in turn means lower sound quality and lesser performance from your Home Theater System.
What are Sound Isolation Floor Spikes?
Sound-isolation floor spikes eliminate vibration absorption to aid in eradicating distortion. Floor spikes will Isolate sound that is transmitted through the floor by reducing the speaker surface area in direct contact with the floor. In return the speakers will produce a clearer more defined sound.
What is the difference between the AV-HTB and the SX-HTB 5 speaker systems?
The AV-HTB and SX-HTB are different performing systems. The SX-HTB was designed with more features and higher fidelity sound. It has an upgraded crossover network, higher end Neodymium tweeters, better drivers, advanced enclosure design, and cabinets with stronger structural bracing. The SX-HTB also has all gold plated binding posts that are configured for bi-amp and bi-wire and floor spikes. Both systems perform excellently!
What receiver should I use with Fluance speakers?
In order to get truly Serious Performance™ from your Fluance Speakers, they must be paired up with a Home Theater Receiver capable of equally Serious Performance™. With that in mind, the brand names most often used by Fluance customers are: • Denon • Harman Kardon • Onkyo • Yamaha
Do you have a warranty?
All Fluance speakers (excluding powered subwoofers) come with a complete lifetime parts and labor warranty, while Fluance powered subwoofers and iPod/iPhone Speaker Docking Systems come with a complete 2 year parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty.
How do I register my warranty?
Your warranty registration is automatic and is processed by us when you place your order directly with us (no additional paperwork required beyond a copy of your invoice). All returns require return authorization and you will receive complete instructions with the authorization.
Who am I buying from?
Fluance speakers, the choice for audio enthusiasts around the world, are recognized as an outstanding performance product that delivers amazing sound, superb build-quality and unprecedented value. We have accomplished this by strictly adhering to a single goal: Design and engineer speakers that ensure accurate sound reproduction at prices with which none can compete!
How do I purchase an item?
To purchase an item, first click on the image or title of that product. Then on the following page, the product detail page, scroll to the bottom and click the "BUY NOW - CLICK HERE" button to place the item in to your shopping cart. Once you are done shopping and you are ready to complete your purchases, please click the "CHECK OUT" button.
What customer service help do you offer?
We are completely committed to customer sales, support, and service and will always handle all inquiries with great professionalism to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. We can be contacted by phone @ 1.888.617.6863 or by email
Do you ship internationally?
Currently we only ship to Canada and Continental United States.
What material are the speaker enclosures constructed with?
Fluance enclosures are made with MDF. All enclosures are internally braced for extra support and to ensure proper acoustics.
Do I require a powered subwoofer with my speakers?
Powered subwoofers are a good addition to any home theater system. The increased low frequency effect provided by our powered subwoofers is noticeable and adds the rumble required to feel movies and music. With almost all home theater receivers, you can pass the LFE (the subwoofer channel) to the mains, which works well with full-range speakers that are capable of reproducing low bass frequencies like most of our floorstanding models. The LFE channel is often mistaken as the only source of bass and referred to as the "subwoofer" channel. The real intention of the LFE is only to reinforce movie sound effects that already exist on other channels which makes it fairly optional. If you choose not to use a powered subwoofer with your system all you have to do is set the main speakers to “large” in the configuration menus of your receiver, and subwoofer setting to “none” to pass the LFE to the main speakers.
Will the FiSDK500 work with my iPad/iPad2?
No. The FiSDK500 is only compatible with iPod and iPhone.
Are the prices listed for one or two speakers?
Fluance Speakers are sold in pairs or sets. The price that you see includes both speakers or the set.
Do you offer your products through other dealers?
Yes, we do have a Fluance Dealer Program. We offer our products exclusively through our online seller, catalogue company, website, distributer, marketing firm, installer, retailer, and authorized dealers. All resellers must first be authorized and qualified to ensure that they can and do provide exceptional service as well as quality products. If you are interested in becoming a authorized Fluance dealer please fax your inquiry to 1.888.771.1701 and we will contact you.
If my receiver provides more power than the speakers can handle will I damage them?
Their power capacity is actually a little underrated so a little more power will not damage them as long as the amplifier is providing "clean" power. Overcranking is not good for speakers and you should not turn the volume any higher if you hear any distortion from the speakers.
How do I use the bi-amplification connections to increase the performance of my system?
Please visit this page to see complete instructions on how to wire our speakers: Fluance Wiring Connection Instructions & Information
How do I use the bi-wiring connections to increase the performance of my system?
Please visit this page to see complete instructions on how to wire our speakers: Fluance Wiring Connection Instructions & Information
Do I have to bi-amp or bi-wire my connections with your speakers?
Some of our models have speaker wire connections to allow for bi-amplification or bi-wiring. This is for your benefit and can be used to enhance the performance of your system. For a full guide visit Bi-Amp or Bi-Wire Instructions
Can I substitute a speaker component of the HTB package for a different model?
Our Fluance HTB speaker packages are only available as complete sets. Speaker components of the packages can not be substituted for other Fluance speakers. You are more than welcome to add other Fluance speaker models to complete or upgrade your home theater system.
What is the power handling of Fluance speakers?
The power handling of the speakers is rated in watts and is listed under the specifications section of each model.
Are Fluance products available in a different finish or colour than displayed?
Our Fluance products are currently only available in the colours and finishes displayed. We will have more product options available in the future that will offer more variety to complete finish and colour matched systems.
What is the break-in period for Fluance speakers?
The break in period for our speakers is about 10 hours of playing time at normal listening volumes. After this period the drivers will have had enough movement to perform at their peak level.
Why buy from us?
Fluance is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible! We will continue to strive to make Fluance your first choice for the best products, lightning fast shipping, and superior customer service. We have compiled a list of why you should buy from us. Please visit this page to see what we have to say: Why Buy From Us .
Why are Fluance products better & why should I buy them?
Fluance speakers sound better because they are built better and use better parts! Fluance guarantees your investment in our products is a solid one! We have compiled a list of why you should buy Fluance products. Please visit this page to see what we have to say: Why Buy Fluance Products .
Are Fluance products HD Compatible?
Have you upgraded to a high definition TV? Video is only part of what high definition has to offer. High definition digital audio is also supported by many HD devices such as Blu-ray players, HD-DVD Players, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and services such as HD cable and HD satellite. Exciting features are available including Dolby Digital, DTS, and 7.1 channel surround sound! You need a speaker setup that can take full advantage of everything these new systems can pump out. That's where Fluance can help. With an HDMI compatible receiver, Fluance speakers are capable of delivering crisp and clear high definition audio whether it's for next-gen gaming or watching an HD movie. For instance, you can purchase an SXHTB+ or AVHTB+ system that includes 5 surround sound speakers. Then add a subwoofer like the DB-150 or DB-200 for extraordinary bass effects. Finally, you can customize your Fluance system and add individual Fluance speakers (SX-SS or AV-SS) to create a 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound system that will add audio depth and realism to your high definition video experience.