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MDF Wood Speaker Cabinets
Whether you have a speaker system from the Fluance XL, SV, AV or SX series, you have a good looking speaker. One defining feature of Fluance speakers is the visually stunning MDF cabinet construction, and while it looks amazing in any living, family or entertainment room, many people are unaware of what that term means. Before reaching for the authentic, natural wood speakers, understand that MDF wood looks great and makes your music sound better.

What is “MDF”?

Created in the 1960s, MDF stands for “medium-density fibreboard,” which is an engineered wood product that is the formation of wood fibres glued together under high heat and pressure creating a flexible material. MDF wood is similar to particle board; however it is stronger and denser. The stiff, flat, dense wood product is easy to alter for great visual effects and finishes: because there are no knots or rings, like on natural wood - it can be easily cut and reconfigured without damaging the surface. MDF wood resists against warping when exposed to moisture, like a frosty glass accidently being placed your Fluance speakers. With no easily recognisable surface grain MDF wood can be customized to produce either a smooth surface or textured and natural wood grain surface.

MDF vs Natural Wood

Have you ever heard of the expression “no two snowflakes are alike”? Well the same can be said for natural wood speakers. Natural wood often has organic characteristics like knots, rings and lines which can affect the way a speaker system looks and sounds. Natural wood increases the price of speakers dramatically even though MDF uses recycled wood materials to create.  This also results in lower prices for the end consumer and more trees that stay in our forests.
The characteristics of natural wood also create variations in the sonic qualities of speakers. Expert craftsmen and engineers agree that the sound that comes from a natural wood cabinet speaker varies between speakers because of the density of the wood panels. An airtight construction is necessary to producing great sound; natural wood shifts as time goes on, altering the sound and destroying the construction. MDF wood allows for the sound to resonate throughout the system and eliminate any distortion.
The versatility of MDF wood accomplishes three goals: 1) producing great sound in solid construction; 2) speakers designed with beautiful finishes; and 3) a lower cost in construction that saves you money. And the best part about MDF wood – no splinters!

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