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Neodymium Speaker Magnets Explained
In this article, you will meet a component that perhaps doesn’t get the exposure that it should – the magnet. While each speaker driver is made up of two magnets – an electromagnet and a natural/permanent magnet – the focus will primarily be on the latter.

To reproduce sound through a speaker, an electromagnet is suspended above a natural magnet in a permanent magnetic field. An alternating current is run through the electromagnet, which allows it to change its polarity from positive to negative on the fly. As a result, the natural magnet is able to attract and repel the electromagnet to the rhythm of the alternating current, pushing the speaker cone back and forth, vibrating the air and producing sound. The stronger the magnets, the more reactive and powerful the speaker driver, which results in a better speaker!
So why are neodymium magnets so special? It all has to do with size and strength. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of natural magnet in the world, and can pack an extraordinary amount of magnetic energy into a very small package. This means that even in small amounts, these magnets are still extremely strong.
It is for this reason that a number of Fluance speakers use neodymium magnets in their tweeters. The strength of these magnets allows for an extremely powerful driver, without making any sacrifices in overall weight or depth. As a result, Fluance neodymium tweeters are light, powerful, and have a smaller profile than other drivers that use lower quality magnets. In addition, the strength of the neodymium magnets allow the tweeters to perform better in more demanding situations, resulting in less distortion at any operating level. Case in point: the Fluance SXHTB+ 5 Speaker Surround Sound Home Theater System – every speaker in this system features neodymium tweeters.

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