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Home Theater Systems
Offering elite home theater surround sound speaker packages, Fluance has created the perfect home audio solution for you. Whether your seeking out a complete 7 speaker home theater system or just a compact 5 speaker surround sound system Fluance has a variety of complete speaker systems to suit your audiophile needs.
ES Series
ES Series Starting from$499.97
The actors and director went to all that trouble. The least you can do is hear their movie the way they want you to. With the FLUANCE® ES Series your audio system will rival any movie theater’s. Your popcorn may not be as good but your sound will put the epic in every film you watch.
SX Series
SX Series Starting from$399.99
You’re an explorer. Through music, radio, TV and film you travel the globe. As you expand your horizons, ensure you’re hearing it all exactly the way you should. Magnificently. The FLUANCE® SX Series will lead you on a voyage of pure, brilliant sound.
AV  Series
AV Series Starting from$249.99
Nothing beats going au natural. Sound stripped down to its barest form. No enhancing. No faux finishing. It’s all real. And it’s spectacular. With the FLUANCE® AV Series even the silence will sound like perfection.
SV Series
SV Series Starting from$709.99
The Fluance® SV Series will transform your home into a world-class concert venue. Get ready for complete immersion in perfect sound. Attention will be commanded. Senses will be engaged. Minds will be blown.
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