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Home Theater Systems
Offering elite home theater speaker packages, Fluance has created the perfect home audio solution for you. Whether your seeking out a complete 7 speaker home theater speaker system or just a compact 5 speaker surround sound system Fluance has a variety of complete speaker systems to suit your audiophile needs.
AV  Series
AV Series Starting from$249.99
Nothing beats going au natural. Sound stripped down to its barest form. No enhancing. No faux finishing. It’s all real. And it’s spectacular. With the FLUANCE® AV Series even the silence will sound like perfection.
SX Series
SX Series Starting from$279.99
You’re an explorer. Through music, radio, TV and film you travel the globe. As you expand your horizons, ensure you’re hearing it all exactly the way you should. Magnificently. The FLUANCE® SX Series will lead you on a voyage of pure, brilliant sound.
XL Series
XL Series Starting from$729.99
What do you expect from your speakers? How about the emotion and intensity of a live performance in the comfort of your own home? From the highest symphonic crescendos to the deepest smoothest jazz to a movie’s spine-chilling sound effects, the Fluance® XL Series is engineered to cater to your every audio whim.